Hotcha And The Teenage Lesbians From Hell

La Trilogie de l'Amour

The album will be released in september 2019 on Urgence Disque/Calypso Now.

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19.9.2019Bad Bonn
20./21.9.La Chaux-de-Fonds (tbc)


Beni06 plays the crummy Farfisa organ with Puts Marie, who due to their ongoing success are heavily touring France and Germany. With us he plays a Wurlitzer e-piano and an old italian synthesizer, the Syntorkestra 4. His list of projects he played is simply huge. Puts Marie, Hotcha, but also Big Zis, Julian Sartorius, Martin Schütz are probably the most familiar to the public.

Tobi Schramm now replaces Nick Porsche as the drummer of Puts Marie. He is very much in demand on the swiss scene and toured a lot, last being Disco Doom in Switzerland and France. He plays since 10 years with Hotcha and Beni06.

Hotcha is a legend of the swiss underground, notably with Pull My Daisy in the 80’s. Here he has abandoned the guitar in favor of the Fender bass.

The LP was recorded and produced by Sirup Gagavil in his own Yagwud studio, he himself being the guitar player of Puts Marie...

For all three this album is one of the crazier productions they were involved. For all three this band is a matter of the heart, and they are simply delighted having created sort of a POP album, although they stick to their style of CRAZY IMPROVISED DISCO ROCK. The rhythm section weaves a tight flying carpet for Beni06, improvising and hammering away on his old analog keyboards. No guitar! The songs have this pop street rock feel nonetheless, Hotcha coming from the Kim Fowley school of songwriting.

(alle Photos: Simone Haug

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